A Potted History of BlissHome

Way back in 1978, Mike Bliss started Woody Enterprises having left art college with a fine art degree but with no guarantee of making a living being an artist. Instead of choosing to 'starve in a garrett' Mike decided to apply his practical skills setting up a business making things such as wooden postcards, wooden ties and toast clocks (made of real bread) and started selling these unique items to gift shops around the country. His then girlfriend Gabrielle joined the business to help with the admin as typing wasn't his forte and between them the business has morphed over many twists and turns to what is now BlissHome. Below are a few examples of the many different products that were made and sold successfully over the following 40 years........

Currently at BlissHome we continue to design and distribute products using a mix of materials including ceramic, textile, metal, melamine and wood to develop collections of the highest quality and supplying the best retail outlets in the UK and abroad.

Who we have worked with past and present