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Wire Rectangular Basket 2 Tier

RRP £28.00

This streamlined 2 tier wire rectangular basket is made from lacquered chrome-plated steel for rust protection and adheres to the wall with non-marking sticky pads. The Stick 'Em Up range is suitable for use on glass, ceramic tiles, stainless steel and smooth marble. Prior to installation ensure that the surface is clean and dry and that the sticky pad is not being applied over tile grouting. Position sticky pad in desired location and press firmly against the wall removing any air bubbles present and leave for 24 hours for the adhesive to harden. The adhesive is strong, so first time placement is key. The sticky pads can be removed (with a little force) leaving no marks or residue and placed somewhere else but over time the adhesive will decrease and may need replacing if continually moved. The Stick 'Em Up range is not suitable for use on limestone or other porous material, mosaic tiles, wood, curved surfaces or over tile grouting.

  • H35.6 x W10.5 x D22.5cm
  • Chrome wire & polymers  
  • Pack Size = 2